A Shiny Paint Job Won’t Win You Any Races. That’s why Roger Grubb Puts A PREMIUM ON PERFORMANCE.

When the topic of restoring cars comes up, the first thing most people think about is a cherry paint job and a car that looks like it gets washed and waxed every day. But that’s not what interests Roger Grubb. Rather than focus on the cosmetics, Roger is much more concerned with what’s under the hood. You see, to Roger, restoring cars is all about maximizing performance. It’s about making the engine roar off the starting line when you step on the gas. Or, as he says it straightforwardly: “I love taking old cars and making them fast as hell.”

Living Life to the Fullest

Roger has always had the need for speed. Born in San Francisco and raised in Albany and El Cerrito, it all began as a young boy zooming dirt bikes around the rolling hills surrounding his El Cerrito home. In high school, he was determined to get a job and earn enough money to buy his first car, which he did. He fixed it up and took great pride in driving a car he had improved so dramatically. These days, he loves cruising in his latest classic Hot Rod with his wife, Susan.

Roger’s thirst for adventure isn’t limited to racing, however. He also loves visiting new places, trying new things and crossing items off his bucket list. Some of his most recent adventures found him swimming in the Carribean with a Whale Shark and a Manta Ray and zip-lining into a cenote, a sinkhole filled with groundwater. He enjoys fishing and playing his guitar. And he and his wife, Susan, love spending quality time with friends and family.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Anyone who knows him well will tell you Roger brings that same ambition and drive to his real estate career. And just like his race cars, to Roger, real estate is all about performance. In fact, he has developed a proven system for helping homeowners throughout Contra Costa County maximize the sale of their homes. Roger’s system often results in multiple offers exceeding the original asking price. Roger’s primary goal in any transaction is to help his clients maximize their return on investment and successfully move on to the next phase of their lives.

When you work with Roger toward the sale or purchase of a home or investment property, his lifetime of local knowledge allows him to understand the ins and outs of various communities throughout the area. In his younger days, he worked in the construction field, which lends him an ability to assess the structure of a property and help envision the possibilities in a home. Roger is also very friendly and easy to get along with. He’ll put you at ease from the moment you meet and make the entire process smooth and successful from start to finish.

When Performance Matters Most

There are few transactions in life as significant as buying or selling a home. Roger understands. That’s why his focus is on helping his clients maximize their opportunities and getting the absolute best return on investment possible. Your next move is When Performance Matters Most. It’s also when Roger Grubb is at his best. Call him today to schedule a private consultation.